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Moa 1.0 released [Thursday, 29 January 2009 02:15]

Finally we have released the proper version of 1.0. Adding unicode support took a lot longer than we thought. 


You can download it here.


Still need to add a bit more stuff to this site, including the new (basic) docs


Lots of new stuff planned as we work towards 1.1. Major code tidy-up, new upload and refined tagging system mainly. We have split the planned 1.1 features into 2 versions now to avoid being stuck without a new release for too long. So Templates have been bumped to 1.2 unfortunately. But as they need the code changes we do need to do that bit first. And as the upload/tag bits involve replacing the current sections it makes more sense to do them at the same time.

Welcome to the Moa gallery [Sunday, 11 January 2009 16:56]

Putting the site together for the 1.0 release now. The code is in SVN now but still needs some bits doing -

  • Check to catch all errors.
  • Check all MySQL calls to prevent SQL injection.
  • Add documentation.

Been fun getting to this point and we are both looking forward to working on the 1.1 features, especially templates.

Hope to get the official release out over the weekend if nothing major happens before then.

Dan & Rich


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